Danae Loves Lucas

There are four things that made this couple so flippin’ awesome:

1. They are insanely in love. I mean, you should see the way Lucas dotes on Danae. They couldn’t WAIT to get married. Hands down the cutest thing ever.

2. They had an intimate outdoor wedding. They got married in Lucas’s parent’s back yard. How sweet is that? They even had dinner outside and ended the night with a bonfire and fireworks. So awesome!

3. They were all about having fun. You could see their passion for having a good time in the details of their wedding and during the photoshoot. These two were up for anything! They had no problem “working it” when we asked them to and definitely didn’t have a problem being natural and in love.

4. They dream big. These two run a super sweet coffee shop in an old church (that T. Roosevelt used to attend) called The Brew. It’s such a cute little place with so much history and DELISH coffee. We love that they pursue what they’re passionate about.

I just want to hang out with them, like, every day. In the note I put in with their photos, I told them we can have a sleepover if they’re ever in Bismarck. Is that creepy? They’re just the sort of people you want to be BFF with!!! Check them out!