Fun in California!

I really like a change of scenery. Even as I write this, I’m sitting in the middle of our studio on my laptop, instead of being tied to my desk.

To us, predictable usually means boring, which is one reason we really heart getting out and traveling. One of our most recent adventures was to California. We’ve been there several times in the last few years, and have fallen in love. Shopping, beaches and friends? Sign us up!

We started out in L.A. then drove north to Santa Barbara, which is incredibly beautiful. Our friends Danielle and Mike raved about The Boathouse’s food, and they were not exaggerating!

Then we were back to L.A.! We went to The Tonight Show, which was super fun! The guest was Daniel Radcliffe, which my friends who are Harry Potter fans freaked out over. I was more stoked about putting my hand in Edward’s in Hollywood! This little Twi-hard was pumped! (These were taken with our iPhones.)

Then we were able to spend some time in Oceanside and hit up the beach multiple times. My personal fave. :)

Our trip was well-Instagrammed:

AND!!!!!! Gary taught Amos how to surf! He had gone twice before, but this time was the real deal and his nipples didn’t bleed, which is nice. Gary is a crazy surfer man, and was cool enough to show Amos the ropes! Uhhhhh, yeahhhh stretch it out, baby!

We headed back to L.A. to hang out with our good friend, Kim, for the last day of our trip. No trip is complete without shopping! On Melrose, no less – so fun!