Kristy Loves Ross

In case we haven’t mentioned it before, we LOVE us some outdoor wedding goodness. Couples who choose to get hitched outside make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Kristy and Ross’s wedding location left so much room for us to be creative and left us feeling like we got a mini vacation of our own!

The night before the wedding, Amos and I hit up downtown Red Lodge, Montana, had a yummy dinner and stayed at a neat place that served off-the-grill UH-MAZING breakfast.

The outdoor ceremony was followed by lawn games and guests just chillin’ all over the place. The fun wedding party and super laid-back bride and groom made for a super awesome day.

It’s so great to travel to new places for weddings because we get the opportunity for adventure! The day after the wedding, Amos and I went to Bear Tooth Pass in Yellowstone. Absolutely gorgeous and a much-needed time for us to make out. :)

We’re so glad we were able to shoot this wedding and even more stoked that these two now live in our city! I’ve enjoyed lunch dates with Kristy and, being that she’s a personal trainer, she has a lot of awesome advice for living a healthier life. I just love that!