Limited Family Sessions!

Hey friends! 2012 is shaping up to be a sa-weeeet year, and lots of changes are coming for Amos and me. No, not a baby…everyone thinks that’s what going down when I say “changes”. The only baby I’m expecting is the food baby from gorging myself at The Bistro. I’ll be sure to call you on my hamburger phone if a real baby is going to make an appearance. (Juno…anyone?!)

In 2012, we’re focusing our energy, love, and time into our real passion – weddings! Lots of weddings! Lots of love! Lots of kissing/making out! Because of this, we will be taking drastically less kids/newborn/baby sessions. Like waaaaaaay less. So, if you want to be on “the list”, please e-mail us at

With all of our packages, you receive a copyright release to your images.

Here are some of our favorite family images. The first half (ish) of the shots were taken in our loft studio. Enjoy! :)