The New Us!

Welcome to Carly Loves Amos! You’re probably noticing that things around here are a little different! And by a little, we mean a lot.

1. We changed our name. Yep, we decided to just go for it even though we were a little nervous about the transition. We feel “Carly Loves Amos” really shows what we’re passionate about – love, couples and marriage! And I really do love Amos, so that works out nicely. Don’t worry, he loves me, too.

2. The look and vibe. We’re super stoked about our new site because we think it more accurately represents our personalities, style, and passions. Take a peak at the “Us” page for more on what makes us … us!

3. Direction. We took a few months and really focused on honing in on what we want for the future, both in our business and personal lives. It became abundantly clear to us that the goals for both of those areas should align. What that means for our business in 2012 is a strong focus on shooting crazy-in-love couples. What it means for our life is more time to make out, go on fun adventures, and invest in other things we’re passionate about! How awesome does that sound?!

We want to say a big heartfelt “thanks!” for stopping by. If we could hug you through your computer, we would. We appreciate all the encouragement as we’ve started a new chapter in our business, and our life!