Amanda Loves Matt

Oh, what fun we had with Amanda and Matt on their wedding day! There are so many reasons we think they’re the cat’s pajamas. Let me name a few: 1. They’re SO in love, and they show it. 2. They’re hilarious. You’ll see why at the end of this post. :) 3. Their wedding party was crazy, and we just love that.

Amanda and Matt got married outdoors on a beautiful golf course. If we haven’t mentioned it before, we drool over outdoor weddings. LOVE! Now, enjoy. :)

After the ceremony, we tagged along for the wedding party’s excursion. Dance party on the golf course!

They were so fun.

Does it get any better than man thighs??????

And THIS is why Matt and Amanda are hilarious! Totally motor boatin’ his bride. This was truly a laugh out loud moment! :)

Thanks, Amanda and Matt, for letting us share in your awesome wedding day. We had a blasty blast and hope to see you two love birds very soon!