The “Younger” Games!

Here are two things we love: people and fun! One of our favorite parts of our life is being involved in Young Life, because it meshes those two things together so beautifully. We love the fun we get to have in Young life and we love being part of high school students’ lives even more!

The hit of the year has been, of course, The Hunger Games! Read the book, saw the movie (twice), bought the t-shirt. Well, I didn’t buy the t-shirt – the Twilight fan in me doesn’t allow it. :) :) For the last Young Life Club of the school year, we decided to do a Hunger Games theme, and dubbed it “The Younger Games”. Dan was the perfect Caesar – he had his persona down to a science. Alek was Katniss without knowing it. (The braid was just too perfect!) And, after much eyeshadow application and hair ratting, I was Effie. My line was pretty much, “May the odds be ever in your favor!” We played games with our “tributes” and heard an awesome talk from another awesome YL leader, Matt!

Some of our Tributes:

And, as always, “May the odds be ever in your favor!”