And the winners for the Fun Date Contest are……….

Kayla & Chris Spangler


Amy & Aaron Strawn

YEP, TWO WINNERS! Why? Because picking the winner for our Fun Date Contest was next to IMPOSSIBLE! I kid you not – it was agonizing. We were in love with so many of the stories submitted, from staged proms to gorilla suit madness.

Here’s why we LOVE the stories we picked:

Kayla and Chris‘s is just totally crazy. Seriously – who decides to randomly take a date weekend and go to St. Louis, Chicago, and Minneapolis to watch fireworks?! So B.A.!

And then we love Amy and Aaron‘s because it didn’t start off as a date night at all. They were hanging out with their families and decided turn out all the lights and play hide and seek. With the whole fam? No, just the two of them. Two grown adults running around with flashlights and hiding on closet shelves. We love how random and spontaneous that is!

Thanks to everyone who told us about their crazy date nights! They were a blast to read and we personally want to do everything you all shared! Much love to you all!!! :)