I have to say, we have really been enjoying our summer! We hope you have been, too. :) When we’re not shooting, we’re usually playing. There’s been lots of sunshine, friends, food…and then came AMERICA’S BIRTHDAY. Our crazy friend Kim and I threw together a semi-last minute ‘Merica party, and we encouraged our friends to come all decked out.

i.e. trashy truck stop shirts:

See, when we do theme parties, we think it’s necessary to dress the part. Like when we had a Twilight party, our friend Zak showed up as Dracula. Wrong vampire theme, but we appreciated the enthusiasm (and fangs). Bottom line: it’s lame to go to a theme party dressed as yourself, even if you rock. (And we’re sure you do.)

Check out our niece’s false eyelashes!

Even our bro-in-law from Trinidad was into it!

I didn’t know Bomb Pops still existed. Yay!

“I only like snakes and sparklers.” – Joe Dirt