As I wear long sleeves and boots, I think I’ve accepted that summer is over. But I don’t want to…because. THIS.SUMMER.ROCKED.

Here’s a little review of it, according to Instagram. :)


We had plenty of adventures – day trips, camping, wakeboarding, leisure diving, walking in the 4th of July parade, being on the water, playing in our cardboard castle that someone built us (!!!).




Being with our friends is where it’s at. This occurred in many forms this summer – river days, studio parties, shopping, pig-out nights, Dexter marathons, outdoor bands, girls’ nights. (I’m sure Amos had boys’ night too, but you know, boys don’t really Instagram that stuff. They’re too busy eating beef jerky, farting, and doing dangerous things.)



Kita had plenty of adventures of her own. She made some new friends, went on lots of walks and swims, and I even serenaded her. Also, #kitaisaladypimp became my favorite hashtag.



Amos and I enjoyed all the time we were able to spend together. See: him looking up my skirt, late-night star gazing, Amos grilling in his undies, waterpark adventures, celebrating 6 years of marriage!!!



We also loved the time we were able to spend with our Young Life kids. Most notably, our week at camp with them was AMAZETASTIC. Shout out to Cabin Birch! Bus ride home=sad. We also admired their facial hair, got pedis, volunteered as a cabin for a youth event, and went shopping. The last photo is of Amos and his guys climbing in tunnels under the city, which seems totally safe and sanitary.



If you don’t already know, we heart fashion, and some of our fave outfits made an Instagram appearance from time to time. :)




How was YOUR SUMMER?! What was the best part? Do share below!!!