I cried a lot at this wedding. Truth be told, I even teared up a few times while EDITING this wedding. When we had dinner with Autumn + Kaleb before their wedding, we connected with them immediately and could easily tell the purity of their love for one another. Their wedding day was nothing short of a perfect expression of that love and devotion. A phrase they repeated in their vows was, “This is for life.” I know that’s said in one way or another in all wedding vows, but the weight and the beauty of that really hit me (cue tears!). That’s one of the coolest parts of our job – getting to witness a life-long covenant being made. Working with crazy-in-love couples makes our hearts skip a beat! I don’t think I can fully express how easily you can tell that these two are soul mates and completely MFEO, as Amos would say! (Made For Each Other!)

We loved the non-traditional approach of Autumn + Kaleb’s wedding day. Their ceremony was later in the day, then they had a dessert reception with the most fabulous spread of sweets – and at a beautiful barn, no less. Everything was so down-to-earth, yet the attention to detail was impeccable.

There are so many things to gush over – the decorations, the details (s’mores!), how much our cameras heart Autumn + Kaleb, the fun wedding party. We’ll let the photos do the talking now! :) :) :)

Fake eyelashes – my fave!

Isn’t the detail of her dress stunning? Just love it!

Even Kaleb had his hair done! :)

YouTube always comes in handy.

Kaleb’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time was priceless.

Hand check!

After the ceremony, we made a quick FroYo stop!

The beautiful barn. :)

Love this idea!

The beautiful desserts:

The barn is situated on a beautiful piece of land that was perfect for some sunset shots.

Dad/daughter dances always get me. :)

Serious business – bouquet toss.

There were some crazy dancers out there – no one held back!

The night was topped off by s’mores. How cool is that?! Such a sweet touch.

Autumn + Kaleb, thank you for letting us be part of your wedding day. We’re excited for all the awesome things God has in store for you!