After Chris and Hollis’ beyond amazing wedding in Upstate New York, we took our first-ever train ride to New York City. It truly was “planes, trains and automobiles” on this trip!

It’s a beautiful ride – we totally recommend it. So much better than flying. Also, I was reading my Hunger Games book and imagining Katniss and Peeta dining in the next car. :)

Neither Amos or I had been to NYC. Most places we go, at least one of us has visited before, so it was super fun to experience this for the first time, together!  We had decided before the trip that we didn’t want to do a lot of “touristy” stuff. So we didn’t see the Statue of Liberty, a Broadway show, or go to Macy’s.  :) There’s SO much to do and see in NYC – we didn’t really know where to start. This involved a lot of wandering around, eating, and shopping. Fine by us!

(iPhone ^)

Most of the time, you could find us with a subway map in hand. I seriously LOVE the subway. It’s kind of like a roller coaster except you get to see all sorts of cool people.

Go to the below pizza place. It’s one of the highest-rated restaurants in the city. Legit Italian fare & company – we hardly heard a word of English while there! After our fancy pizza, we had 99 cent pizza for dessert. NYC is the only place you could justify this greasy indulgence.

Central Park was one super “touristy” thing that I really wanted to do. What a beautiful place!

Yeah, I guess I was totally creeping on the below couple…because I love couples. And, come on, her green boots are bomb!

I was missing Kita (#kitaisaladypimp – use it on Instagram – haha!) and couldn’t resist petting this sweet puppers, with permission. These girls may have thought I was crazy as I got in my quota of “dog talk” for the day. :)

Another subway ride. So fun!

We were so glad we were able to meet up with our awesome friends, Sarah & Jordan, who live in NYC and took us to some of their favorite spots. (iPhone photos)

Highline Park. Do NOT miss this if you’re in NYC. This newer park was built on a historic freight rail line above the streets. Fun & unique architecture.


We’ve saved the best and our most favorite thing we saw for last. Our friend, Erik Hougen, happened to have a solo art exhibition right by Highline Park while we were visiting. The below photos (from our iPhones) show a WATERCOLOR he painted of one of our good friends, Tony. I repeat, this is watercolor! If you know Tony, you know this looks like him to a “t”. We were blown away! Check out Erik’s amazing work here: .

Thanks for a great time, NYC! There’s so much more of you to experience, so we’ll be back!