Let me start by showing you why we love Zanna and Shaun:

I thought I was about to capture a romantic moment and what Zanna pulled out was so much better. Because isn’t that real life? I know I totally lick Amos’ face sometimes. (TMI?) We love these two something fierce because they’re totally goofy.

Here’s another reason I love Zanna:

She works it. Rwar! How gorgeous is she?!

And Shaun, he’s just awesome, joyful, and loves his woman like crazy.

Their proposal story shows how these two think outside the box, and are totally our brand of crazy. Shaun planned a pirate-themed scavenger hunt for Zanna all around town and they were both decked out in pirate gear by the end. The clue at the last location said, “Turn around” and that’s when Shaun popped the question (to her total disbelief). Instead of the typical reply, Zanna said, “Yes, matey!”. While sporting an eye patch. Yes.

Zanna and Shaun expressed a few times how important their wedding photography was to them, and that made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Shaun said, “We HAD to have you guys do our photos!” Am I saying that to brag? No – but when our clients are just as excited as we are about spending the day with them and getting awesome images, we feel extra-empowered to kick some butt. That excitement, paired with Zanna and Shaun’s non-traditional and fun personalities, made for a blast of a day. They opted for “urban” locations, and that’s totally up our alley. Check it out.


Jazz hands. Why not?

Zanna’s special request (…anyone else noticing the wandering hand?…):

Poor Shaun. :)

Goofy sisters. Love them!


Zanna and Shaun, we love you something fierce!!!!!! Congratulations! Let’s plan a sweet double date soon!