This story starts in early 2012 when we saw this poem of Jefferson Bethke’s on YouTube and thought, “Wow, this guy is LEGIT!”

With over 23 million views, we started seeing his stuff all over Facebook, and all over the internet for that matter. He’s done numerous videos now, and everything he puts out is so raw, real and relatable to our generation – just love it! Jeff + Alyssa are also involved with Young Life, so we knew they were our kind of crazy (crazy AWESOME). Needless to say, when we ended up being able to shoot their wedding in Seattle, we were stoked out of our minds. :)

Jeff initially saw Alyssa’s senior picture on a friend’s fridge and he just knew he had to meet her. (Can you blame him? She’s a hottie!) They ended up meeting at a friend’s wedding, and the rest is…you know, history! The way Jeff loves Alyssa is enough to make anyone swoon. Ladies + gents, hold out for a relationship like this – full of love, respect, fun and adoration!

We just love how these two are changing the world! Only in their early 20s, they have already started multiple things: a college ministry in Seattle, a photography business, and a candle company that raises funds to fight social injustice. Not to mention Jeff’s videos, speaking schedule, and both of their active blogs. Oh, and he’s writing a book. I’m telling you – they are go-getting world-changers!!! They are crazy passionate about Jesus, people, and each other. And we just LOVE that!!!!!!!

We could not have enjoyed our time with Jeff + Alyssa more. The depth and sincerity of their love coupled with their fun-loving personalities made their wedding to shoot! (<— “What is this,1990?” -Amos) Ok, ok let’s get to the photos!

This dress(!!!!!!!!!).

I love Jeff’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time!

Jeff wrote and read Alyssa a letter to start off their wedding day.

These two have so much fun together! LOVVVVVE itttt!!!!!!

This wedding party was a RIOT! We love them to absolute pieces. We want to go back to Seattle just to hang out with them!

How cute are these bridesmaids’ dresses?! Such a fun change of pace.

This wedding ceremony was so deeply meaningful. Their pastor even used part of one of Jeff’s poems about marriage in his message to them.

“I mean, if marriage isn’t a commitment, then what’s the point of the vows we say?
“‘Til death do us part” really means “Until the feelings go away”
Like, I’ll stay with him, but only until it gets tough and my love shifts
But I say imagine if a parent took that perspective with their kids.”

“I mean think about it, out of anyone, who’s actually had the right to leave?
God had every reason in the world that he still came for you and me
And on the cross he paid it all, took our shame, and set us free.”

“Because his death was a proposal, he wanted you no matter the cost
Where some guys propose on the knee, Jesus proposed on a cross.”


May have to do a caption contest for the below photo. :) :) “Did that just HAPPEN?!??!”

Chhhyeah, girls! Devour those cupcakes! :)

This has to be one of the most LEGIT wedding dances…ever. Right out of the shoot, everyone rocked Gangam Style. We could not wipe the smiles off our faces!

Jeff + Alyssa, THANK YOU (x 956,314,578) for letting us be part of your wedding! It was so fun documenting the beginning of this crazy awesome adventure you two are on!

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