This year has been full of fun travel! We’re so thankful for the new experiences we’ve had together, and for the awesome times we’ve had with rad clients. While in Seattle for Jefferson + Alyssa’s wedding, we had time to do some exploring. Instead of staying in a hotel, we opted for, where you stay in someone’s house. Sound like a murder waiting to happen? I had my hesitations, but it ended up being a great experience! Besides being more cost-effective, having a local to clue you in on hidden gems is really great. Wild Mountain Cafe was recommended to us by our host and it was amazesauce. Mashed potato pancakes!!!!!

Below, I was trying to be funny by pretending to eat a spiky plant, and I cut my gums. Yeah, I’m cool.

Food trucks!!!!!!


This ferris wheel was so. Freaking. HIGH. 175 feet tall to be exact. When we were at the top, Amos rocked our seat. Luckily it was an enclosed gondola, but I was still pretty terrified. Silly boy. :)






Eating = focal point of traveling for us. :)




Our buddy Travis moved to Seattle a few years ago, so it was great to meet up with him for lunch. Afterwards, he took us to the famous Gum Wall.

Amos is notorious for paying people to do disgusting things, such as drink their own pee, eat an entire tub of cheese balls, drink moldy iced tea, bite off a friend’s toenail…and the list goes on. Now he can add THIS:

Amos paid an innocent bystander $40 to lick this disgustingness.

After the brave lick she exclaimed, “The gum still has flavor!” (Uhhhhhkkkkk!) BTW, $40 could have bought me a lot of clothes at Forever21. Thanks a lot, Amos!!! (Jokes!!!!!)

Onto more sanitary things. We ventured to see Jefferson Bethke speak in Tacoma, where he and his friends recently started a college ministry. They’re doing what they’re passionate about and we think that’s RAD. Jeff gave an awesome talk (left), and Jonah, brought down the house with some great music (right).

Even though Jeff had never met Amos, he invited Amos along for his pre-wedding bachelor festivities. When Amos found out they were going to a TRAMPOLINE UTOPIA, he pretty much freaked out. If you know Amos, jumping off stuff is what he does. :)

It’s so fun being part of more than just the wedding day with our amazing couples!

The “cherry on top” of our trip was meeting Nate, who up until now has been a “web friend”. :) He was the videographer for Jeff + Alyssa’s wedding, and it was so great working together! If you need an amazingly talented videographer for your wedding, check him out!!!

Thanks again to Jeff + Alyssa for flying us out to Seattle for their wedding! The whole trip was a blast of a time and we hope to visit again soon!