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Hi friends!

We’re super pumped to be part of an exciting adventure our good friend, Gary, is going on in March. Gary will be joining a small team that is climbing to the Base Camp of Mt. Everest. Specifically, he’s going to photograph the journey of Elisha, a teenage boy with down syndrome, who’s making the trek with his father and a small support team. Ultimately, this trip is a fundraiser for The Elisha Foundation (TEF), which was founded by Elisha’s father, Justin, to support and help families around the world who have disabled children.

((Images by Benjamin Edwards.))

Gary and his (totally awesome) wife, Courtney, are covering all the the personal costs for his trip to Everest. What they’re raising money for is this: Eli’s parents have started a grassroots ministry in the Ukraine, where the need is massive. There is a huge social stigma in Ukraine against people with disabilities and, generally speaking, they are not seen as real people. They are empowering locals to educate their community and providing resources for families that are caring for someone with a disability. They have also created a team of people who are committed to visiting a couple of the local orphanages to spend time with and encourage the residents there. 100% of what gets donated to this trek will go to TEF’s efforts in the Ukraine.

Here’s our/your part: We’re donating ONE discounted portrait session to help disabled people in Ukraine. Our portrait sessions are normally $500, but we are giving this one away for $350. All $350 is going straight to TEF’s efforts in the Ukraine.

If you want the portrait session (or more info), here’s how to get it:

1. Go to

2. Go to #5 of the “Giving Rewards” section and see if our session is still available.

3. Make a $350 donation (by hitting the ‘Donate Now” button at the bottom of the blog post).

4. After you donate, please leave a comment on their blog post with your name, your donated amount and that you’ve chosen the Carly Loves Amos portrait session.

If our session is already taken, there are multiple other ways to get involved. Check it:


Let’s spread some love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!