So, Amos grew a small forest on his face. Since sometime in 2011 he’s had consistent stubble, but this winter he decided to full-on grow that sucker out. Pure manliness.

With spring near, he’s been having the itch to shave that puppy off. (You could literally make a stuffed puppy out of it now that I think of it.) I promise I wasn’t “that wife” who ordered the beard be done away with. It wasn’t my best friend, but I figure a man’s body hair is his own business. And Amos is pretty darn cute whatever he does. But when I started to hear talk of the beard going bye bye, I have to admit I was slightly happy. :)

Out of respect for the beard, Amos decided a straight edge shave would a proper goodbye. It was actually quite hard to find a barber who still does straight edge, probably for fear of this:

We did finally find someone to do the deed in an old school barber shop.

This was Amos’ first straight edge shave, and he said it was very relaxing.


AH! Naked!!!!!!


Happy Wednesday, friends!