Hey 2014 seniors! I’m here to give ya the down-low on senior photos for this year!

This year we’re focusing our energy, love, and time into our real passion – weddings! Lots of weddings! Lots of love! Lots of kissing/making out! Because of that, we are taking drastically less seniors this summer. If you want to be in on that action, e-mail us at hi@carlylovesamos.com to get our package options and reserve your spot.

All of our senior packages includes rights to your images, meaning you can print them anywhere. We charge a fixed rate upfront so there are no surprises later.

We operate our senior shoots more like model/life style shoots opposed to stiff posing and shenanigans such as writing “2014″ in the sand. SO, if you are looking for something non-traditional and you’re ready to WORK IT, we are here to capture that awesomeness! We should also add that we will only be shooting senior girls this year.

Here are some our of favorite images of seniors we shot last summer. (You can view senior images here as well.) Now, go enjoy the rest of your junior year! :)