Thanks to everyone who submitted! We loved hearing your guesses, a lot of which were our guesses, too! Here are Kita’s official results:

A lot of you guessed Lab & Chow Chow, but no one guessed American Eskimo (we didn’t either!!). Her stripes lead me to believe she must have something else in her. :) But the official report is that she’s Labrador Retriever, American Eskimo Dog, & Chow Chow!

Even though no one got all 3 right, we still want to spread some coffee love, so I wrote all of your names on little pieces of paper, put them in a trash can (classy, lol), covered Amos’ eyes with my hand, and he drew out:

David and Ashley, whose wedding we will be shooting near Philadelphia this year! Yay!

Thanks for playing, everyone!




At least a few times per week, someone is asking &/or speculating what kind of dog Kita (#kitaisaladypimp) is. Amos always says, “She’s just a mutt.” (In a loving tone, of course.) And I say, “Well, I think she could be…” and then explain my guesses.

Because of this frequent question from others, and more so our own curiosity, we’ve gone ahead and had our pound puppy’s DNA tested. It was surprisingly inexpensive and required just a simple cheek swab. Some of you might be thinking:


The results are in and we know the 3 breeds that make up Baby Keets. Now we invite you to guess!

Here’s the contest:

Leave a comment with your guess of Kita’s 3 breeds.

Whoever lists the correct 3 breeds wins a $25 Starbucks gift card! (If multiple people get it right, we will draw one name for a winner.) Contest ends May 1.

Speculate away. In the meantime, I’ll be plotting how I can clone Kita to produce (and keep) one million duplicates of her.