hollis loves chris | upstate new york

Get ready for a mother of a post.

We could not have been more excited to photograph Hollis + Chris’s wedding in upstate New York! When we arrived in Big Moose Lake, we felt like we were in another world. We were in the boonies, y’all. Like no cell service (yeah, we survived…and liked it). Hollis was so excited to show everyone where she’s spent so many years – her parents’ camp. It’s on a private pond in the thick of beautiful trees, which made for the perfect setting for their wedding celebration.

Hollis + Chris invited about 50 of their closest friends and family members from all over the country to celebrate their love. And not just for an afternoon wedding. No, this affair spanned from Friday to Sunday, and the intimate setting made for such a meaningful time. From group brunches to hikes, they got to actually hang out with their guests and make awesome memories.

There were SO many non-traditional things about this wedding, and I think that’s why we loved it so much. Because it all meant something – it was all personal and played into Hollis and Chris’s personalities. As a couple, they’re the perfect mix of classy and fun. We were so impressed by their eye for detail – everything was designed so beautifully. I could gush forever about the amount of unique details . The invitations, the row boat, the paper bouquet, the family plaid, the hats, the heirloom wedding ring. Gah! Love!

And, like I mentioned, Hollis + Chris are SUPER fun. Hang out with them for 5 minutes and Chris will have you laughing at anything and everything. Hollis said she’s still trying to convince Chris that she’s funny. I love Hollis – she’s so elegant (she used to be a professional ballerina!) and witty. They laugh together non-stop, which has to be our favorite thing about them. They compliment each other perfectly.

The only complaint I have to register is with Mother Nature. It rained almost all of the wedding day. Luckily, Hollis + Chris are amazing and dressed/suited up all over again on Monday morning so we could get the awesome shots we all wanted.

Now, enjoy! :)


***Update! We’re super honored to have Hollis + Chris’ wedding featured on Destination I Do! http://www.destinationido.com/blog/2013/08/30/an-adirondack-dream


We, along with Hollis + Chris and other wedding guests, stayed at this uber cute bed & breakfast. How fun is this place?! Hollis had an itinerary waiting for us upon arrival. I love me an organized bride!

On Friday, the 4 of us did a little location scouting. Beautiful!

Hollis + Chris invited us to be part of their whole weekend of celebration. We had a blast hanging out with everyone at the Welcome Dinner (not rehearsal dinner…love it!).

Isn’t she beautiful?

After the Welcome Dinner, a bunch of us hung out on the porch at the bed and breakfast.

The morning of the wedding, everyone, including the bride and groom, gathered for brunch. We just loved this!

After Hollis + Chris enjoyed brunch with their guests, it was off to get ready.

I cannot get over this mom-daughter moment!

The plaid you’ll see throughout this post is Hollis’ family plaid. Um, how LEGIT is that?! A friend of Hollis’ made her this clutch and little jacket.

I was obsessed with Chris’s gray J.Crew suit.

This BOUQUET!!!!!!!!!! Can you have a crush on a bouquet? Because I just can’t get this one out of my mind. One of Hollis’s friends MADE this. Are you kidding me?! Made it. I heard she swore at Martha Stewart while crafting flowers from paper, cardboard, dictionary pages, and more. Yeah, this bouquet deserves THREE photos.


Loved these touches: hats for the guys and the Mackintosh family plaid for the ties and girls’ belts.

Hollis inherited this ring from her grandmother. Gorgeous.


The following shots of Hollis + Chris were shot at their family camp. Beyond beautiful!


Seems totally safe…

This is why we love them. Utterly goofy and completely themselves with each other. Yes, there was tongue contact on the beard.

All this nature got us thinking about Adam + Eve.

Cue crazy awesome wedding party. :)

Poor guy. :)

Usually we are not huge fans of shooting in churches. But when the church looks like something out of a story book, that’s a different, well, story.

Forgot to mention the church is haunted.

Nah, just kidding.

A little last-minute vow writing. :)

The rain brought a little chill with it. How awesome to have a fire crackling during the ceremony!

This ceremony was heartfelt and real. Hollis + Chris decided to give people in the congregation an opportunity to say a few words – advice, words of love, etc. Hollis’ parents actually made vows to Hollis + Chris, ranging from funny things (“We’ll knock before we enter your room!”) to actual promises (“We’ll respect the decisions you make as a couple.”). This was such a special time that we won’t soon forget.

The party continued at the Mackintosh camp.

The favors for the wedding guests were jars of cranberry jelly, made by Hollis’ mom.

This food. Gahhhh! It was so amazetastic that it pains me to see these photos and know I can’t eat more of it right now.

Strawberry Shortcake instead of traditional wedding cake.

The lanterns set throughout the woods were such a special touch.

When darkness fell, guests came down onto the dock to light and send off floating candles.

The night ended with everyone enjoying each others’ company around a fire.


Hollis + Chris, it was an honor to be part of your wedding! Much love to you!!!!!!!