Get ready for the awesomeness that is Sarah + Evan. These two love birds make up half of the YouTube sensation The Gregory Brothers, creators of “Auto-Tune the News”. You know The Bed Intruder Song? (“Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!”) If not, click that link right meow – it’s freaking hilarious & we have Sarah + Evan (+ bros) to thank. And there’s plenty more where that came from. With 524 million video views on their YouTube channel, they are ripping up the comedy scene. You can (and should) spend hours on their channel, busting a gut (hearing Sarah sing about testicles still has me smiling). We were also psyched to see them in a recent Comedy Central commercial. We heart Sarah + Evan for so many reasons: their anything-but-boring life, their comedic and musical genius & their passion for each other. Ok, I’ll stop bragging about them now – but they’re amazesauce, and just truly lovely people.

Collaborating with NYC stylist Hilary Rushford has been a little dream of mine. You wouldn’t think a stylist’s blog would induce chills, but I always find myself goose-bumped because of her manifesto: “Creating providence” – her term for making space for God to move; clearing the path so you’re present when a door swings open. We just love that! Living as your best self and not playing it safe.

Being the talented musicians Sarah + Evan are, Hilary dreamed up the concept of emulating 3 famous musician couples for their shoot. Hilary was awesome enough to come along for the whole shindig to perfect all of the looks. The quirky, classy fun of this NYC shoot makes our hearts go pitter patter. We were honored to have Sarah + Evan featured on and Brooklyn Bride.

Now, let your eyeballs enjoy!




Frank Sinatra + Ava Gardner




Johnny Cash + June Carter




Sonny + Cher



Here a few of our other favorite moments. We especially loved when their goofiness came to the surface. :)

Sometimes you have to improvise on clothing. :)

Sarah + Evan’s rooftop in NYC made for such a perfect backdrop.



Huge thanks and love to Sarah, Evan and Hilary for a blast of a shoot!