When we were talking with Alexa + Matt about their upcoming engagement session, it was unanimously decided that we had to do something different. These two are quirky, fun, creative individuals. Matt is a brilliant graphic designer, and Alexa is a B.A. hair stylist (and honestly, she should be a clothing stylist, too – her style is enviable). Because they’ve got personality in spades, normal just wouldn’t suffice for their engagement photos. We were trying to come up with something we had never seen before (i.e. can’t find on Pinterest), and we landed on the idea of making life-size cutouts of Alexa + Matt and having them interact with their cutouts. That’s weird, right?

Matt’s expression on his cutout describes him pretty well. Goofy, and a little crazy (in the best possible way, duh). And Alexa – well, she’s super sweet and her expression often says, “Oh, Matthew…” with laughter immediately following. Alexa is in the process of going blonde for her wedding, so I like to think of her cutout as her evil twin. :)

We’re convinced that you’ll want to be BFF with them by the end of this post because they scream fun, all while loving each other like the madness. We’re SOSUPERSTOKED for their wedding this month! You’ll have to check back to see how they’re using their cutouts on their wedding day. :)