Thanks for stopping by the blog to check out Nicolette + Kevin! We have a feeling you’ll love this couple, just like we do! These two could not wait to get married, and their excitement was so apparent from the first day we met them. The real heartbeat of a wedding is the deep love shared by the bride + groom and part of the reason we love our clients so much is because they unreservedly show it. In fact, they can’t help it. Our clients are probably the ones you see snuggling and whispering in each others’ ears in a restaurant booth…and you’re thinking “get a room“. We. Love. It. When we’ve talked about Nicolette + Kevin since their wedding day, Amos says, “Kevin loves that girl LIKE CRAZY.” As you can see from the title of this post, it goes both ways. :)

On top of this total love fest, we loved the venue and locations Nicolette + Kevin chose. The bold, modern colors & lines of their downtown venue made our hearts go pitter patter. It had so many touches we were pumped about – hard lines, gray color schemes with pops of color, a chic restaurant, and even a swoon-worthy bathroom, all in the middle of a bustling downtown.

Nic + Kev, it was a joy to capture your wedding day. Thanks for taking us along for the ride!