You’ve probably noticed that we love love love fun couples, and these two fit the bill…they are CRAZYawesomeFUN.

Nick proposed to Annie in July and they’re getting hitched in Mexico come January. (Our flights are already booked…super pumped!)

Short engagement
warm destination wedding
happier life, if you ask us. :)

Playing on the location of their wedding, Annie + Nick had the idea to incorporate some Mexican garb. A weird sense of humor may be needed to appreciate some of these shots…which is obviously why we’re stoked on them. (Btw, I ran one shot in particular by some of our Mexican friends first just to make sure it wasn’t offensive, *lollerblades*). Annie + Nick were effortless to shoot – so chill, fun, in love. They genuinely enjoy each others’ company & we were simply there to capture it.  (Ps. I especially adore the way Nick makes Annie laugh. Ahhhhdorable.)

Add to the list of reasons we love Annie + Nick: their involvement with high school kids through Young Life. They’re giving back, making a difference & they’re stinking loving life.

We love them long time. Enjoy!


Ok, just one more of Nick because he’s so funny…

CANNOT WAIT to shoot your wedding, guys!!!!!!