We have some exciting news we’ve been dying to share with you…

We’re moving!

Almost everyone who’s walked through the door of our studio has said, “Wow, you guys should live here!” Well, that’s been secretly in the works for quite awhile and we’re excited to officially announce that we are moving into our studio!

Our excitement level is at an all-time high. It’s always been a little dream of ours to live in a loft space, but that’s not even the half of it. What gets us more excited is the community we’ll be able to have with you…and everyone. We’re “more the merrier” type of folk. :) With our downtown location, we’re asking you to promise to stop by if you’re in the ‘hood. :) And if you need a place to crash, we’re excited to host you.

We’re currently on the south half of the 3rd floor of our building. Our studio will be moving to the north half and we’ll be living on the south half.

We plan to be moved in by November. In the meantime, you might think we’re dead because we’ll be working on the remodel 24/7. Stop by anytime to observe us knee deep in IKEA assembly instructions. :)