We were so excited to get to Phoenix to meet Nicole + Bobby! Typically, all our couples are fun. It’s just required. :) Nicole + Bobby turned out to be super duper awesomely fun…and carefree. Nicole ended up getting green paint splattered on her dress and totally rolled with it. Hero.

This wedding was JOYFUL, in a word. There was jumping. Laughter. Fist pumping. And maybe best of all, the father of the bride wore a fox tail.

Nicole + Bobby are bonkers about each other. Theirs is not a shy love, and that’s another reason we will now love them forever. :) I just wish we lived closer so we could double date!



I must say, this is the most even flower petal distribution I’ve ever seen. A thorough flower girl is hard to find.


Nicole and her dad’s dance started off all sweet with “My Girl”. Then the music skipped and Nicole’s dad un-tucked his fox tail and they rolled right into “What Does The Fox Say?”. Everyone was DYING. Pure hilarity.

Congratulations, N+B! Here’s to a lifetime of love + fun!