Helen + Bud celebrated their 71st (!!!!!!) wedding anniversary last week. Love like this makes me feel calm & content, yet my heart is bursting with adoration. First of all, the cuteness is undeniable. They still joke with each other and share a sweetness that melted our hearts.

It’s strange to think that we’ll be this age someday. Don’t we, as a culture, usually view “getting old” as a negative thing? Wrinkles. Age spots. Hearing aids. But our time with Helen + Bud made me all the more excited to grow old with Amos. Imagine everything you’ll experience with your better half by then, and the enduring love you’ll have grown. Hopefully we’ll look back at our wedding day 71 years later and be able to say that the love we had that first day pales in comparison to the love we have on our 25,915th day. Go ahead, check my math. :)

Helen + Bud’s granddaughter, Jenna, set up this shoot and I’m thankful she did. This is the kind of love we wish for all our couples. And for ourselves.

Helen showing me that even after 71 years, you sometimes still want to choke your husband. :) :) :)