I’m a pro at keeping secrets, but the excitement kills me. KILLS ME. On Kim + James’ wedding day, we had the idea to take some “top secret” photos of their wedding party that would be a fun surprise for Kim + James later (well, today!). Do you think I can wait until later in this post for the big reveal? NOPE.

Kim, we apologize for defiling your bouquet.

I admit this was my first time asking a groomsman to get naked. Clearly these people jive with our craziness. More wedding party foolery in a bit.

It goes without saying that shooting a wedding in Jamaica is not a bad gig. When we become friends with the bride + groom, that makes it the sweetest gig ever. We had Kim + James over to our house before the wedding, and hanging out confirmed we were a great fit for them. They’re fun & edgy, and James is pretty (ok, really) sarcastic, and that’s right up our alley. Kim is one of those genuine people you want as a friend for life. Just a couple nights ago they text us to join them downtown for drinks. So yeah, we’re officially friends. :)

Kim + James’ wedding, like Annie + Nick’s, solidified our love for destination weddings. Hanging out on the beach with a bunch of people you love for a week does not suck. And the wedding itself is so care-free, especially when you have, “Ya, mon!” ringing in your ears. :)

We did not have to force one moment of PDA with these two. GAH, that’s our favorite.

As for Jamaica’s beauty, we’ll let the photos speak. Enjoy!




The girls had some saucy ideas, too. :)



Wardrobe change! How cool is Kim’s 2nd dress?!


Much love, K+J! I’m sure we’ll see you soon. :)