Conveying to you how ahhhhsome these two are via words is pretty much impossible. I wish you could sit down for dinner with JamieLee + DJ to feel the depth of love they share with each other and others.

It will not surprise you that JamieLee and DJ are crazy fun. That’s a requirement around here. “Joy” is JamieLee’s middle name and I hope you can hear her laughter when you browse through these photos. She may go down in history as our happiest bride ever! DJ cherishes this woman. I mean CHERISHES her. Documenting their love was just…the best.

We love how not “normal” these two are. For the majority of their first year of marriage they will be serving at a Young Life camp in Oregon. It’s plain as day to see that they care more about others than themselves. The recurring theme of their wedding party’s speeches was how JamieLee and DJ have impacted each of their lives. We’re excited to see all the places these compassionate world-changers will go!

Enjoy some sweet, fun love!

Jamie had written letters to her future husband before she even knew that it was DJ. (Tears…am I right?) She also secretly wrote him letters during dating and kept lots of mementos. This was all delivered to DJ the morning of their wedding.