After hanging out with Chelsea + Grant during their engagement session, we were in couple love. :) You know those weddings you look forward to all summer and then you’re a little sad when said wedding is over? This is one of them. We want to hang out with Chelsea + Grant on the weekly.

Chelsea stumbled upon our work on a random Google search for wedding photography. Can I just say how much we appreciate people trusting us before meeting us in real life? Thanks, clients…you are awesome and we luhhhhhvvve you!

If you haven’t been to northern Minnesota, pack your bags and go. Chelsea + Grant tied the knot in an adorable little lake town surrounded by forests. It was a state-side destination wedding, a little vaca for all their guests. Just as I suspected, Chelsea was an off-the-charts-stunning bride. HER DRESS. I die. You’ll see she has a killer sense of style. Chelsea is elegant, yet fun. Perfection.

I’ll let the photos do the talking now. Enjoy!