Do you get tired of us gushing about our clients? Well, suck it up, because it’s not stopping any time soon. :)

These two. Man, do they LOVE each other! Danielle + Palmer were über excited to get married. Palmer lives in Atlanta, so they’ve been doing the long-distance thing. They would have dates over the phone where they’d put in the same movie in their respective locations and “watch” it together. If that’s not cuter than a basket of puppies, I don’t know what is.

I knew we were a great fit for Danielle + Palmer when she gushed non-stop about her man. Thrilled to start their life together, Danielle + Palmer exuded such love for each other and everyone around them on their wedding day. The specialness of their day was deepened by the fact that it was also Danielle’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary! Danielle’s dad found a truck much like the one he and his wife has their first date in, restored it, and parked it in the reception hall. I mean. So much cuteness!

Thank you, D + P, for letting us be part of your celebration! You sure know how to throw a grand one!

Enjoy. :)

Palmer’s Gucci shoes. (Insert emoji with heart eyes)



Danielle’s mother’s wedding dress and flower girl dress.

The truck the father of the bride restored!