Even though Annie + Nick had a relatively short engagement (6 months) we couldn’t WAIT for their wedding to arrive! Nick regularly informed us of the countdown, which really ramped up our excitement. :)

Annie + Nick’s wedding reinforced our love for destination weddings. The ease and fun of them is addictive. You get to vacation with your family and closest friends, vow your love in front of them in breathtaking landscape, go on excursions together, and eat like fools for a week. I mean, does it get better?! Things like this happen at destination weddings:

#jacuzziroomservice #awesomelyawkward

If I could re-do our wedding, I would opt for a destination. My parents will probably kill me if they read this – they begged us to do just that! Annie + Nick also had a reception back home to celebrate with everyone who couldn’t jet set to Mexico (pinata included!). Twice the celebration. Twice the fun. Twice the dress-wearing (for Annie). It just feels like WINNING, all-around.

As beautiful and fun as everything was, the real goodness of the whole shebang is the love between these two. They fell in love fast, got married fast, and it’s all beautifully rooted in a sincere desire and decision to serve each other for the rest of their lives. I loved Nick + Annie’s vows. They wrote them, and they weren’t fluffy things like, “You make me happy”, but things like, “Nothing will separate us but death,” and “I promise to keep my relationship with Jesus #1 and put you before myself.”

Annie + Nick are fun…and awesome…and WE LOVE THEM.

You may notice Amos went beast mode as photographer AND groomsman. I give him major props for multi-tasking.

Enjoy some Mexico warmness!

How do you think the above image was obtained? Amos, the monkey man.

Annie’s little brother is now one of my favorite humans. I’ve already asked if we can hang out with him again.

Backstreet’s back, alright?


Because he can.


Someone signed Amos up for karaoke. At first, he resisted. Then he rocked it.

The day after the wedding, we all rented a catamaran. So fun!

Thanks, Annie + Nick, for letting us be part of your adventure! WE LOVE YOU.