These two. Are. Amazing. Our Crush-O-Meter is at an 11.

Alexa and Joe are gorgeous (stating the obvious here), have a great eye for style and know how to throw a killer party.  But beyond the pretty, these two are my madly in love and love to show it. I had moments behind the camera where I was internally gushing at how much Joe lovvvvvvvvves this woman. Our day with them was filled with laughter and just pure bliss. Witnessing and capturing that kind of love is a photographer’s happy place.

Our brides have been nailing it in the dress department this year. If you want to drool over some uniquely beautiful gowns, check out the designer of Alexa’s dress, Grace Loves Lace.

Alexa + Joe, we loved being part of your wedding and getting to know you. Not to be creepy, but can we hang out every day? :)