I’m pretty stoked to be one of 250 bloggers to review Jen Hatmaker’s newly revised & expanded book “Interrupted: When Jesus Wrecks Your Comfortable Christianity”.

There are 4 books*, in particular, that have really impacted my life. This is one of them.

For a star rating, I give this book All The Ones in The Sky. Whatever plans are in your iCal, delete them and get this book in your hands. :) I was provided a copy of  “Interrupted” to give away. Read how you can win it at the bottom of this post!

You should know that becoming best friends with Jen Hatmaker is now part of my 5 year plan. Her blog is one of few that I read because: 1. She’s on a mission to love Jesus & people, and not in a cheesy, churchy way. 2. She makes me laugh. Out loud. 3. She’s crazy. 4. She doesn’t use annoying ‘Christian talk’. I initially discovered Jen through her book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess and connected with her passion, irreverence, intelligence, and hilarity. You can witness her craziness on HGTV’s “My Big Family Renovation”.

If you are disinterested or bored with Christianity/Christians/church, “Interrupted” reveals quite poignantly why that could be. Maybe you’re with Gandhi who said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” What could change that? What could make the Good News good again in our cities, in the world?

I first opened “Interrupted” on a cruise ship. Yes, American Consumerist Christian fresh from the buffet reading about God interrupting our lives. (It’s easier for me to say “our lives” than “my life”. Ha!) “Normal” is a swear word to Amos and me, but even with abandoning a “Normal Life” long ago, I’m feeling a tension in my bones. I’m living pretty fat and happy on my Cruise Ship Life. If you’re a Christian and have been around this Church Game for some time, maybe you feel it too. A nagging feeling that maybe we’re missing the point. I feel so far from having it figured out, but “Interrupted” has given me language and navigation for the tension I’ve been wrestling with, a tension that existed long before ever hearing of this book.

What will happen when God interrupts our lives? Our idea of normal? Our “American Dream” (which is a big YawnFest anyway, am I right)?

This book is not a guilt trip. (I did mention that Jen’s hilarious & irreverent, right?) If anything, it made me adore Jesus more – a God who became a servant. “Interrupted” is a look at the guts of Jesus’ message. Believe me, I haven’t figured all this out, and I need people to journey with me. We have permission to make mistakes along the way of learning how to love like Jesus does.

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*Those 4 books:
The Bible
More Than a Carpenter
Searching for God Knows What