Compassion Week was created by a group of Bismarck photographers who want to donate 100% of their time and skill to anyone who starts sponsoring a child.

Upon sponsoring a child at either of the two organizations we have personally visited in the Philippines + Ethiopia, we will give you a FREE mini shoot at our studio on May 2.

Here’s how this works:

1. Sponsor a child at either Jemo or Arms of Love.

2. E-mail the sponsorship confirmation e-mail from the organization to

3. In that same e-mail, tell us the preferred time you’d like to shoot on May 2. We’ll confirm a time with you.

4. Bring a printed photo of your sponsor child to your shoot so we can take a photo of you together!

5. Have awesome photos taken. The mini shoot includes 20 minutes of shooting + 20-25 edited images downloadable (for free) from an online gallery complete with reproduction release. The shoots are open to couples + families of up to 5.


The awesome impact of a child sponsorship was fully realized by us when we met our three sponsor kids face-to-face this past year. IT WAS INSANELY AWESOME. When you sponsor, you are literally changing a life by providing education, medical care, food, water, and a meaningful relationship. Your support not only helps their current situation, but gives them hope for a better future.

Here are the organizations you can choose from if you want to participate in Compassion Week. We are big on accountability in non-profits, and we personally vouch for these two + the work they’re doing.


We just returned from Ethiopia in February where we fell in love with the slum of Jemo. We held hands with precious kids who are suffering from malnutrition. We played with children who are at great risk of becoming day laborers or prostitutes. We hugged on kids who have lost loved ones to AIDS. Know that when you sponsor a Jemo kid, you are helping break the cycle of poverty + hopelessness.

This is Ayisha, the little sweetie we sponsor in Jemo!





Arms of Love Philippines gives orphans a true home. By the time these kids come to Arms of Love, they share 2 things in common—they have nowhere to live and no one to care for them. Arms of Love rescues the most desperate children and provides a place of comfort and security that they may always call home. The level of care we saw at Arms of Love blew us away!

We spent 2 weeks with our sponsor kids, Rollie + Steph, and miss them EVERYSINGLEDAY.

This is a scrapbook Stephanie made for school. 3 of the 6 pages were of us. (Um…cue crying) You become family to these kids!


We’re super pumped to give you rad images through Compassion Week, and even more excited to see the relationship you’ll form with your sponsor child.