YOWZA. This has been an insane couple of months. It’s always been a little dream of ours to live in a loft space, and we finally took the plunge to make our loft studio our home! What gets us most excited about living here is the community we’ll be able to have with YOU…and everyone! We feel insanely blessed to be living here and want to share this space with you!

Dreams usually take a lot of hard work, and we can attest to that after a few solid months of being covered in paint, buried in IKEA instructions, and bathing only when “necessary”. :)  We were blown away by how many people came alongside us to make this dream a reality! I made a list of everyone who helped us – 35 people (!!!!!!!!!) – and I’m sure I forgot a few along the way (blame the paint fumes). I’m nominating my family for sainthood for the hours/days/weeks they spent helping us. Our community blessed our socks off during this!

So, first, we had to get our new studio remodeled before we could even start work on the living side since we needed a place to shoot during the madness of the remodel.

(I probably should’ve taken photos with our professional cameras along the way, but seriously, you’re just going to have to forgive me.)

My bro, Seth, cleaning away and these awesome Young Life girls helping me paint!

My dad and the “other” Seth. :)

Then came the fun part. Demo time. Parker and Nash are…insane.

Arnold, who lives below us, helped big time with the demo. He and his wife had a baby right about when we started the remodel (i.e. the loudest sounds on earth). They deserve an award for not hiring a hit man to kill us.

10 consecutive hours in IKEA. TENNNNNN. If your marriage can make it through that, you can make it through anything.

That time a fan fell out of our 3rd story window and didn’t kill anyone. Blake thought it was awesome.

IKEA assembly begins. Team work.

Jed and Nicole bringing some sanity to the IKEA assembly.

Bye bye, walls.

Blake + Tanner of Plainview designed and built our island. We LOVE IT SO MUCH that I want to kiss it every time I walk by.

Kita helped this much.

My bro, at it again.

Moving our 12 foot table in. Thanks, Seth, Seth & Tony!

Lowes, I never want to see you again. My mother, on the other hand, deserves a trophy because she worked like a beast at keeping this place clean, was our non-stop gopher, and kept us fed. LOVE HER.

Tyler helping us finish our table. Me suiting up to varnish wood.

Some of my Young Life girls helping me organize my clothes. Yikes.

Eating burnt blueberry muffins out of the garbage because it’s one of 3 things we’ve made at home in months.

Creative cleaning. These friends. We love them.

Thanks to everyone who helped us clean up 1 million pounds of sawdust.











Anddddddd, the “finished”* product. (*We are not finished, but close:)

This island is the heart of our space. Blake and Tanner of Plainview did such an outstanding job from start to finish. They totally ran with the idea that we wanted a large seating area where a buttload of people can hang out together. We’re “more the merrier” kind of folk. :)

One of our favorite parts – the hole in the counter is our garbage can. Plainview, you geniuses.

Bean bag toss. Necessary.

Our bedroom. Er, our closet that we sleep in.

Guest bedroom 1. (COME STAY WITH US. Bunk beds=room for activities.)

Guest bedroom 2. (COME STAY WITH US…NOW.)

Ping pong tourney, anyone?

Amos used to own a snowboarding shop. :)

The cyclorama is staying. It’s gigantic and unmovable without destroying it. We’ll still shoot on it and BEST OF ALL, we’re going to project movies onto it.

You would think Queen of CarlyLovesAmosLand would be me, but you would be wrong.

This is our studio now, on the other side of our living space.


Thank you to EVERYONE who helped us!!! Sorry if you weren’t pictured!

Now, COME HANG OUT WITH US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!