We have a long history with these nuggets, and boy do we love them to itty bitty tiny pieces. In July 2006, we met Alexa through Young Life, and I wanted to squeeze her to death because she’s oh so adorable & edgy. As we hung out more, I discovered she’s crazy (weird) like me and now she has no choice but to be my friend forever. Shortly after meeting Alexa, I sat by Matt on my first day of college and he ended up being crazy (weird) & brilliant as well. Fast forward to 2012, and we had become great friends with both of them, but somehow they had never met. That just seemed wrong – two awesome human beings like this need to perpetuate more awesomeness together. They met. They dated. Got engaged. Then we started to get really excited and say things like, “CAN WE BE BEST COUPLE FRIENDS FOR ALL OF ETERNITY?”

They’re the couple who will pull a hilarious prank on you one minute, then sit down to have a heart-to-heart with you the next.
It’s the silliness coexisting with the passion for God & others that makes them boss.

As passionate as we are about awesome photos, I will tell you unreservedly that we’re 30 times more passionate about awesome/healthy relationships. Because we know Alexa + Matt personally, we have the joy of seeing some of the inner workings of their relationship. I’m so glad Matt + Alexa are Young Life leaders because they’re a true example to young dating couples on how to treat each other with honor, respect and love…and not in a boring, stuffy way. It’s given so much depth and dimension to their relationship. (Side note: We had a Young Life dating panel, and after the girls heard the way Matt talked about honoring & loving Alexa, they were literally melting.) All of this awesome culminated in a beautiful wedding day, raw with emotion, where they gave their whole selves to each other.

Stylistically, this wedding was one to drool over. Alexa has always been a trendsetter in my mind. The short dress. The black + white theme. The modern loft. No wedding party. Alexa’s earrings (which I have a secret plan to steal). Ninja Turtles & cupcake onesies. It’s not too often that elements in a wedding will make you laugh, but from their invite verbiage (“It will be hot out, so feel free to wear your bikini or speedo”) to both the bride & groom IN A FREAKING DUNK TANK, we were all smiles because these two make life hilariously amazing. It wasn’t the typical Pinterest wedding, and you know we f’real adore that. Our modern hearts were happy.

(Keep your eye out for a J. Biebs sighting later in the post.)

This is the night they’ve been waiting for! God stinkin’ bless it. Jesus knows this is better twerking than Miley’s. It’s for her husband, so don’t get your panties in a knot, reader.

Invitations designed by Matt.

Because of their brief engagement, some people thought (and even had the class to ask) if Alexa was pregnant (which she wasn’t), so her sister made a baby J. Biebs cutout for giggles. More & more, we’re shooting couples with short engagements. We love the genuine enthusiasm that says, “I cannot wait to start my life with the love of my life.”

Maybe Justin Bieber really is their baby.