Not knowing where I might have the opportunity to shoot next is one of the greatest pleasures of my job. I was in Antigua, Guatemala with my Young Life girls to build a house and do other volunteer work last month. Lucky for me, Annika + Sam are in Antigua interning with the same organization for the summer. Our trips overlapped, and we were able to do their engagement shoot on the streets of Antigua! All new places make my heart happy, but I had no idea before landing just how beautiful Antigua was going to be. The history, architecture and romance of the town caught me off guard, in the best way possible. Riding from location-to-location in a tuk tuk beats a car any day (so much fun!).

You don’t hear about many couples who volunteer for 3 months in a foreign country right before their wedding. It really says something about the quality people they are. We adore Annika + Sam’s heart for humanity and their desire to serve. This is a couple to look up to, no doubt! Their relationship is colored with integrity, faith, purpose and lots of FUN. #couplecrush

Enjoy a little snippet of this beautiful couple!