POWER COUPLE ALERT. Any description I provide will hardly do Daniela + Josh justice. I’m tempted to publish their address right here because you just need to meet them to understand their level of awesomeness!

Daniela + Josh are lovers of people. And you know we love us some lovers of people! They radiate positivity, invest greatly in others’ lives and are leaders who serve. If you’re a college student, check out the servant leadership organization Josh is the Co-Executive Director for, and go on a trip with them immediately! Daniela is the principal of a private elementary school and we learned she studied Arabic in Jordan. Yes, she’s a genius. She + Josh met while doing Teach for America, which in and of itself speaks volumes of them as a couple.

On top of all that awesome, Daniela + Josh are strong contenders for the the funnest bride + groom we’ve ever had. They told us they didn’t want traditional, stiff photos. We were so on board with that and our cameras could not get enough of them. (You may notice I was thinking, “Can I do bridal portraits of you for 24 hours straight, please, Daniela?”) The fun¬†crescendoed throughout the day. Josh did THE.MOST.INSANE speech of all time for his bride. He told the story of their relationship through the medium of pop music. We were rolling.

Daniela + Josh’s wedding day was jam-packed with love, joy, fun and a plethora of amazing people at The Van Dusen Mansion in Minneapolis. We hope the photos do justice to how stunning these humans are. Enjoy!