Meredith + Shaun’s big day has left me in a state of Modern Wedding Swooning.

We loved the energy of Meredith + Shaun’s modern, endlessly interesting venue. It provided opportunities for fun + unique shots, not to mention a rad place to throw a party. The feel and details of their day were modern, classy, and even a little Hollywood glam (see: her dress). Let’s address the metal bouquets. Who has metal bouquets?! I’ll tell you who – the coolest people in the world. :)

Meredith + Shaun’s dog, Abe, even made an appearance. You know it’s going to be the best day ever when a golden retriever shows up.

Meredith is the kind of bride I adore. She knew what she wanted stylistically for her wedding, and executed it perfectly. Even with everything superduperawesomely pretty on the outside, it was plain to see that the real undertow of the day was Meredith + Shaun’s love for each other and their guests. There was fun + smiling + laughing + merriment + pure WONDERFULNESS.

Enjoy. :)