A new year means new wedding fun!!! Even though I’m already married and attend weddings all the time, I still love dreaming about wedding details – that’s the girl in me. And Amos – he still likes bringing up that we should’ve had a dunk tank at our wedding. I have to admit, he is RIGHT. We TOTALLY should have. How B.A. would that have been?!

As we’ve been perusing the interwebs, we’re loving the modern wedding inspiration we’re seeing. Modern meaning – clean lines, bold colors, fun fun fun, and an urban approach. Which is right up our alley! If you know us, you know we’re pretty non-traditional, so we love the feistiness we’re seeing out there.

In this post, we’ve put together what made our little hearts go “pitter patter” in the way of modern wedding inspiration. **Big huge note: NONE of these photos were shot by us, so please visit my Pinterest boards to find out who the wonderful photographers, decorators, and designers are behind all of this beauty!**


You know we love us some Jesus, but we also love that people are opting for non-traditional venues for their weddings. Check these out!

Lovin’ the industrial lofts/art galleries with tons of natural light pouring in:

What a fun floor and bold “Just Married” graphic:

Rooftop weddings (!!!!!!!!) :

Modern beach wedding…I’m in love :

I adore this backyard pool wedding:

This is legitimately a wedding venue. In Bali. Swoon!



I’m LOVING all the short wedding dresses out there! While keeping the elegance and class that every bride wants, these dresses add the bonus of sass and personality (and the extra extra bonus: no dragging around a train all day).

Pair with some poppin’ accessories for extra fun:

And if you’re a real lady pimp:

Is anyone else gushing over the above dress?! The lines. The cut. The tulle. It might be my favorite wedding dress I’ve ever laid eyes on.

And a couple totally fabulous long dresses:



Bridesmaids Dresses
I love seeing bridesmaids in non-bridesmaid dresses. So fun!

I scrolled through Forever21’s site and saw numerous dresses that would be so great for bridesmaids, and not break the bank. $27 for a dress I would wear again and again? Sign me up.



An invite has the power to say, “This is going to be a rad party, and you shouldn’t miss it.”





In lieu of cake:







Food Trucks

Such a fun idea! One wedding we went to had a taco truck come for dinner, then an ice cream truck come for dessert. So fun, simple, and I’m guessing pretty affordable!

That’s it for today’s inspiration! Check out my Pinterest boards for tons more ideas, and for more info on the photographers, decorators, and designers behind the above images.


Happy Tuesday!!!