SO IN LOVE. That was the mantra of Maddy + Brett’s wedding, and rightly so! Their love for each other is tangible, and capturing it was an absolute joy.

Maddy + Brett’s priest had each of them write a letter to the other detailing why they chose each other for marriage, for life. If things ever get too tough, if they’re close to calling it quits, they are to open the letters. But the real goal is that they’ll read them on their death beds sixty years from now. *cue waterworks* You’ll see Brett has them in-hand after the kiss.

This wedding made our hearts happy, and our cameras equally so. These two are insanely gorgeous and Maddy’s dress = to die for. When she suggested she lay down for some photos, I wondered if she knew she was making my dreams come true. :)

Clearly, we are SO IN LOVE with Maddy + Brett. Enjoy!